The presses of the new series R120 are designed for of large factorie especially for the packaging of tough materials, bulky waste, tires and elastic materials. The innovative aspect of this series is that these presses work with a system of precompaction which allows a ‘user friendly and easy pressing without cutting the excess material. This is achieved by installing  two flaps in the hopper a vertical one in the front and one in the rear. Once the cycle has ended precompaction the machine restores the initial conditions with the opening of the flaps and the carriage is  in the retracted position allowing the start of a new pressing cycle.

This system developed by Coparm can ‘also be inhibited, and then the press can’ work with the flaps opened according to the principle of standard functioning . The reduction of energy consumption is guaranteed by the use of high efficiency motors. Similarly it is secured the restriction of noise emissions in accordance with current regulations. The R 120 series presses are the result of the application of modern design principles and best technology and ensure high performance in terms of production together with low energy consumption and reduced component wear.

Technical features

  • Bale size: 1100 X 1100 mm

  • Production: 25 – 30 ton/h

  • Production volume: 620 mc/h

  • Power: 2 X 45 Kw

  • Thrust: 145 ton

  • Cycles: N° 4 / min

  • Specific pressure: 12 kg/mc/cmq

  • Binding: N° 5 horizontal wires

  • Fastening wire : Wire and / or plastic

  • Hopper size: 1000 X 1800 mm

Coparm presses range