The press for waste packaging Mod. PR 50 is a sturdy machine designed especially for the packaging of liquid containers in PET and PE (CPL). In the design we considered all the issues of the specific sector with particular attention to the wear of the chambers compaction and density of the bales produced.
The machine is equipped with an hydraulic system that gives high specific pressure on treated materials, compaction chamber entirely lined with interchangeable panels of wear-resistant steel, discharge of waste packaging, special cutting blades, proportional control of channel pressure and graphic display touch screen with diagnostic functions.
The machine is also suitable for the packaging of other categories of goods such as paper, cardboard, plastic coverings. Thanks to the technical of which is equipped is also able to pack municipal waste and similar. The robustness of the structure make it suitable for the disposal of considerable amounts of waste and a duty cycle equal to other presses of our sign production of cuts higher

Tecnical features

  • Maximum length: 9.440 mm

  • Overall width: 5.600 mm

  • Maximum height: 6.400 mm

  • Fund: Hardox 400

  • Bale size: 800 x 1.100 mm x Var.

  • Production: 8 – 10 ton/h

  • Production volume: 360 mc/h

  • Power: 100 Hp – 75 Kw

  • Thrust: 120 ton

  • Cylinder dimensions: A = 220 mm   S = 160 mm   C = 2.200 mm

  • Cycles: N° 4 / min

  • Specific pressure: 13,6 Kg/cmq

  • Binding: N° 5 horizontal wires

  • Fastening wire: Wire iron and / or plastic

  • Hopper Size: 720 x 1500 mm

  • Machine weight: 26.000 kg

  • Control of pressure through panel board

Supports for coils 1000 kg / each
Specific Binding system for waste
Reinforced trolley for Waste
Wirbulator in the hopper for newspapers and magazines
Color other than the standard (RAL 6011)
Soundproofing system
Diagnostic press supervisor
Installation of dust extraction hopper
System for the automatic weighing of the bale
Binding with plastic wire

Coparm baler range