It ‘a press suitable for large plants as it has a large pressing force together with a high-speed in packaging. It’s able to pack large amounts of municipal waste, industrial solid waste and similar in addition to such.
The great recovery and waste treatment centers may well reap significant results because it ensures excellent performance due to the high volumetric capacity combined with a high value of thrust. The size of the bale and density that can be achieved with this machine allows you to load transport that feed it with considerable capacities.
The frame has a very strong structure conceived even taking into account the real needs and the materials to be treated. The compaction chamber of the baler is completely covered with panels of wear-resistant steel. I’s equipped with five programs of packaging and is reliable and robust in harsh working conditions and for long periods.

Technical features

  • Bale size: 110 x 110 cm x Var.

  • Production: 45 – 50 ton/h

  • Production volume: 820 mc/h

  • Power: 225 Hp – 165 Kw

  • Thrust: 240 ton

  • Cycles: N° 5 / min

  • Specific pressure: 20 Kg/cmq

  • Binding: N° 5 horizontal wires

  • Fastening wire : Wire iron

  • Hopper Size: 1000 x 2000 mm

Wirbulator in the hopper for newspapers and magazines
Color other than the standard (RAL 6011)
Soundproofing system
Diagnostic press supervisor
Installation of dust extraction hopper
System for the automatic weighing of the bale
Binding with plastic wire
Wrapping machine

Coparm baler range