The PC 125 is the result of a careful analysis of the experience in the field and includes technical solutions brilliant and unique in their kind. While remaining a press for medium recovery it’s a machine having the technical features of a baler for waste.

The frame is built taking into consideration the problems noted in the procedures of packaging waste by adopting efficient solutions. E ‘it equipped with five programs of packaging to meet the different needs of the main materials to be treated.

It offers excellent performance in the packaging of plastics such as PET bottles and containers for liquids obtaining results of density and production comparable to industrial presses. Its key features are a high pressure unit and a high speed of compaction.

Technical features

  • Bale size: 110 x 110 cm x Var.

  • Production: 28 – 30 ton/h

  • Production volume: 600 mc/h

  • Power: 120 Hp – 90 Kw

  • Thrust: 170 ton

  • Cycles: N° 4 / min

  • Specific pressure: 14 Kg/cmq

  • Binding: N° 5 horizontal wires

  • Fastening wire: Iron wire

  • Hopper Size: 1000 x 1800 mm

Supports for bobbins 1000 kg / each
Specific Binding system for waste
Reinforced trolley for Waste
Wirbulator in the hopper for newspapers and magazines
Color other than the standard (RAL 6011)
Soundproofing system
Diagnostic press supervisor
Installation of dust extraction hopper
System for the automatic weighing of the bale
Binding with plastic wire
Wrapping machine

Coparm baler range