The TR 50 is a shredder with  counter-rotating blades suitable for processing of wastes of production and waste of medium consistency. It’s equipped with a grinding chamber in robust welded iron appropriately sized.
Particular care is dedicated to the control system of the rotation of the shafts to protect the machinery from extreme load conditions. It is ideal for the processing of waste of small and medium consistency.

Technical features

  • Size grinding chamber: 850 x 1000 mm

  • Shafts: N° 2

  • Feeding hopper: 2 mc

  • Shafts rotation speed: 18-12 RPM

  • Blade thickness: 50-30 mm

  • Power: 37 kW

  • Production iron drums: 30-40 pieces/h

  • Plastic: 0,8 -2 ton/h

  • Tires: 1-2 ton/h

  • Industrial waste: 1-3 ton/h


  • Municipal solid waste

  • Recycling

  • Paper Industry

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