Certified quality

The quality and efficiency are our aim and our main competitive factors are the foundation of our prestigious commercial results and our statement both nationally and internationally.

Competence, fairness, professionalism, commitment, application of strict quality standards, full compliance with environmental standards and sharing of know-how have always been our guiding principles and have enabled us to become a leading reference for the waste treatment sector.

Behind the works realized by Coparm there is an organizational machine of great experience, driven by a strong motivation and the following commitments:

• continuously improve the performance and value of the organization;
• ensure compliance with legislation on safety and the environment;
• meet the needs of its customers;
• consider the views of stakeholders in the process of improvement of the company;
• prevent and mitigate pollution;
• prevent injuries and illnesses and mitigate risks to safety and health.

These commitments are implemented on a daily basis within each project site and through the adoption of an integrated management system for quality, environment and safety at the continuous improvement of performance and inspired by the ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 that are today the state of ‘art on the matter.


Coparm Srl has immediately initiated a process of quality through the establishment, implementation and active maintenance of a quality system, according to the international standard UNI EN ISO 9000, aimed at obtaining a management tool, to ensure, in a manner systematic and continuous basis, the quality performance of the company to the market.

This conduct led Coparm Srl to achieve quality certification company according to the international standard ISO 9001: 2008 by the certifying RINA.

The company in July 2000, he obtained the Certification N ° 3456/00 / s of its quality system according to UNI EN 9001 certifying it with the activity of internal design.

The advantages of applying a management model oriented to total quality is undoubtedly to give our customers a further guarantee of our work.

Which it is already demonstrated by numerous awards in the course of our activities, and to involve all employees Coparm in the path of continuous improvement and the achievement of maximum satisfaction of our customers.


In addition, the company is in possession of qualification to the execution of Public Works (art. 2 c.1 lett.p DPR 34/2000) with
certificate N ° 9892/41/01 renewal issue dated 29/05/2015 to the following categories and classifications:

• Category OS14 Ranking V (5,164,569.00) Equipment for waste disposal
• Provision of design and construction until the V ranking.

Coparm Srl according to the provisions of Law N ° 49/90, which lays down rules on the safety of plants, is enabled by the Chamber of Commerce of Matera to perform the following activities on the plants:

• Installation
• Transformation
• Expansion
• Maintenance



BS OHSAS 18001-2007 COPARM IQNet
BS OHSAS 18001-2007 COPARM
Certificato 14001-2015