The bag opener type Coparm 8 AS 2000 is an innovative and specific machine that allows the opening and emptying of bags containing the material, the construction method adopted also allows you to rip and empty 98% of bags introduced without cutting or damaging the content.

The machine turns out to be of great reliability and does not require frequent cleaning operations since equipped with a special system that does not allow the winding of long products (films, holding, VHS tapes, etc.), Around the rotor while keeping the same in conditions of extreme cleanliness. Furthermore, the conformation of the machine is such as to ensure the feeding of the downstream plants in an adjustable manner and constant, ensuring for this constancy of production.

Technical features

  • Overall width hopper: 2.360 mm

  • Internal width hopper: 1.980 mm

  • Internal length useful hopper: 9.000 mm

  • Height banks containment hopper: 1.800 mm

  • Cargo volume: about 30 mc

  • Width: 2.720 mm

  • Length: 3.600 mm

  • Section of rotor :Octagonal

  • Bag opener rotor diameter: 1.300 mm (circumscribed circle)

  • Rotor width: 1.980 mm

  • Amount of bolts on the rotor bag opener: N° 40

  • Transmitting movement to the rotor: A belt and pulley

  • Rotor installed power: 22 Kw

  • Installed power hydraulic unit: 1,1Kw

  • Production in bags: 12 ton/h

  • Production volume: up to 300 mc/h



  • recycling

  • paper Industry

Coparm bag opener range