It ‘a very powerful model to be installed at the head of treatment plants for municipal solid waste. Is’s ‘characterized by a high reliability thanks to a treatment capacity and to couples of the shafts of considerable magnitude.

This is an electro-hydraulic bag-opener with counter-rotating rotors, consisting of a grinding chamber in sturdy electro-welded structure appropriately sized grinding rotors, inserts cleaners, large planetary gears, support stand and feed hopper The criterion of operation allows these bag openers to work with the rotors in counter sense and vice versa.

The uniqueness of this application lies in the fact that these machines do not subject the material to be treated to a third cut but rather ‘to a break for tearing. Everything ‘are specifically designed for treatment plants as selection RSU, incineration, etc.. This shredder bag opener and ‘a valuable example of high technology in its category

Technical features

  • Size grinding chamber: 1650 x 1780 mm

  • Cutting segments: N° 8+9

  • Feed hopper: 3 mc

  • Thickness sectors: 50 mm

  • Power: 300HP – 230 Kw

  • Speed: RPM 15-32

  • Bags RSU: 50-60 ton/h

  • Motor-main pump 110 kW

  • Number main engines N° 2

  • Number auxiliary pumps and cooling N° 3

  • Max pressure 350 bar

  • Number cutting blades 16 x 2

  • Volumetric capacity nominal 8 mc

  • Hourly production (in terms of continuous power)



  • recycling

  • paper Industry

Coparm bag opener range