APR 200 is a shredder-bag opener electro-hydraulic with counter-rotating rotors, consisting of a grinding chamber in sturdy electro-welded structure appropriately sized grinding rotors , inserts cleaners, large planetary gears, support stand and feed hopper .

The essential feature of these applications is certainly the robustness which together with the large values ​​of torque applied to trees and to a sophisticated electronic control system pressures, make these machines a reliable and highly productive. The rotors of these machines are made of alloy steel of prime quality.

Their shape, thickness, and number of knoves is defined in function of the material to be treated and of the size required at the exhaust. The control system of the machine is able to adjust the pressure up to a maximum value, adjusted by the manufacturer, to the above which intervenes a safety function which reverses the direction of rotation of the rotors to reject the tenacious materials.

The machine can work with the rotors in clockwise and counterclockwise. In summary this type of machine is geared to adjusting volume of incoming waste, which is achieved through continuous process of shearing: Municipal solid waste as such, waste from waste collection, waste Other Minor and other material to be composted, Waste wood, pallets etc.

Technical features

  • Size grinding chamber 1650 x 1780 mm

  • Cutting segments N° 8+7

  • Feed hopper 3 mc

  • Thickness sectors 50 mm

  • Power 200HP – 160 Kw

  • Rotation speed RPM 15-30

  • Bags RSU 30-35 ton/h

  • Sacks RD 15-20 ton/h

Coparm bag opener range